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paid subscription situation

Same spreadsheets, but with superpowers

* Direct access to the Casual Spreadsheets Google folder
(no branded web site wrapper)
* Keys to the kingdom: Powerful Google Docs permissions to  download/copy all sheets, so you can do whatever you want with them at work.
* Access to exclusive subscriber sheets that aren't public
Feed view lets you sort by "last updated" so you can jump to the new stuff easily, (updates happen all the time).
* Your subscription means MORE spreadsheets get made. 

You're going to get sent to another page to subscribe. It's OK, it's on purpose.

Direct Google Drive Access

Raw friggin power.

Sure, crawling around this website is OK. But paid subscribers get direct link to the Google Drive folder with all the Casual Spreadsheets and Notebooks.

See what the heck is new, at a glance. AKA, A FEED. 

This isn't rocket science.

There are lots of Casual Spreadsheet updates every week. When you have access to the Google Drive folder, you can sort according to last edit, see newest stuff up top. JUST LIKE EMAIL. This isn't complicated, people, just convenient.

Better Permissions

Steal these spreadsheets for fun and profit

Make copies, download locally, whatever. Lotsa people like to share Casual Spreadsheets in meetings or email. Or they cut and paste little pieces for their own powerpoints. You can, too. It'll be our little secret.
The paid version of Casual Spreadsheets lets you export, and Save a Copy to make that easier.

Exclusive sheets + early access

Sheets and notebooks that aren't public yet.

Paid subscribers get access to exclusive spreadsheets and notebook drafts. Some are mature. Some are sketchy. Peep the menus above to see current inventory. Nothing fancy.